Vessel Vase with Sgraffito

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To make a large classically-shaped vase, an ancient technique is to use fat extruded coils, and flatten them out — making “slab coils”.  Two large bowl shapes were made from the slab coils being wound and stacked and smeared together.  After resting a bit, the two bowls were joined rim-to-rim into a … Continued

Tall Vase with Leaf Motif

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This recently-completed vase (measurements 9-1/2″ tall, 3-3/4″ diameter) was made from slabs, using a cylindrical form.  A half-dozen interesting autumn leaves were pressed into the damp clay, and 3 coats of black slip were applied.  After the bisque firing, the inside was coated with John’s Black glaze, and … Continued

We All Need Some Inspiration!

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This plaque has an antique look, with a unique hanger made from twisted wire (recycled) embellished with beads. Envision this hanging in a workspace or among  some inspiration pieces. Approx. 12 x 1-1/2 inches.  Finished with a combination of underglazes and clear glaze.  Cone 10 stoneware.     … Continued

Latest Fish Dish

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  A unique and fantastical fish with exaggerated fins and hand carved textures. Crevices decorated with cobalt blue, bright red lips, blue glass eye, glazed with celedon. Approx. 8 x 6 inches, Handbuilt, Cone 10 Stoneware.