Legalize Pottery Step-By-Step

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Here is a series of pictures showing the Legalize Pottery Process.

Greenware stage – clay is drying

Clay Drying - Greenware
Clay Drying – Greenware

After bisque firing (Low-Temp, Cone 06)

After Bisque Firing
After Bisque Firing

After application of oxides, underglaze/glaze

Oxides, Underglaze, Overglaze Applied
Oxides, Underglaze, Overglaze Applied

Loading the kiln for High-Temp firing (Cone 10)

Loading the Kiln for Glaze Firing
Loading the Kiln for Glaze Firing


Final results

Finished Pieces
Finished Pieces


Glazing (and the glaze firing) is the most stressful of the steps, as well as the most amazing, with unexpected results, some ‘fails’ and plenty of lessons learned!



Fish with Hanger

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Image 1Image
This clever fish is able to morph into a spoon rest, or a soap dish, or a sushi dish, or a candy dish, or a nut bowl, etc.

AND, there’s a wire attached on the back, so it is able to hang out on your wall!


Finished with copper carbonate and cobalt carbonate in the crevices, and bright-colored underglaze on the lips and eye.  A light turquoise glaze was brushed overall.  Lastly, a chip of blue glass was added to the eye, which melted to create a great effect.  Cone 5-6 white stoneware, 5-1/2” long, 4-1/2” wide, sides about 2” high.

Ceramics Show

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Our Ceramics Show, which I’ve been working so hard to prepare for, took place last weekend at San Mateo Central Park. The Show was a great success and lots of fun — the weather was beautiful, the Park was full of people and the Show was well-attended.  I sold a decent number of piece, including some of the items pictured here. 


So, now it’s time to start creating more pottery!


Ceramics Show & Sale

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Ceramics Show & Sale

San Mateo Central Park

June 6 & 7, 2014



Please join me and my fellow potters, and see my recent work!

“Meet the Artists Reception” Friday, June 6th, 6 – 9 p.m.

“All-Day Show & Sale” Saturday, June 7th, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Ceramics Studio is located in Central Park,off 5th Ave., San Mateo, CA (between the tennis courts and baseball fields, convenient parking lot under the tennis courts)




Bird Feeders

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These precious Bird Feeders are designed for attracting enchanted birds to your magical glen.


They are made from extruded stoneware clay, with perches crafted from chopsticks and hangers made of twisted copper wire embellished with beading.

Made in several different sizes and shapes, finished with Manganese Oxide and Clear Glaze, and fired at Cone 3.


We All Need Some Inspiration!

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This plaque has an antique look, with a unique hanger made from twisted wire (recycled) embellished with beads.

Envision this hanging in a workspace or among  some inspiration pieces.

Approx. 12 x 1-1/2 inches.  Finished with a combination of underglazes and clear glaze.  Cone 10 stoneware.







Latest Fish Dish

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A unique and fantastical fish with exaggerated fins and hand carved textures.

Crevices decorated with cobalt blue, bright red lips, blue glass eye, glazed with celedon.

Approx. 8 x 6 inches, Handbuilt, Cone 10 Stoneware.


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